Saturday, 3 November 2012


pretty self explanatory post, made a nice little piece that has feedback from some of my clients.
Enjoy x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Big Announcement

Hey Guys,

As you might know I am on the prince's Trust programme at the minute, and part of it is a 2 week work placement, and The team leaders Tracey & Lorraine have worked really hard to secure mine.

I am happy to announce that I will be on a two week work placement at Meep Meep.
Meep are a Graphic Design & Advertising agency is Gainsborough that specialize in Marketing Graphic design. I'm super excited to see were this leads, and have an interview tomorrow with them, least Tracey says its referred to as an interview when its just a risk assessment and a meet and greet.

I am also working on something crafty, I have been learning to crochet, and have only got the hang of Granny Squares so I am making a Pixel art blanket for my other half. Its going to be Yoshi from Super Mario Bros ^^

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy Hallow, he he he heeeen..

Good Evening.. afternoon or Morning..when ever you are reading.

Again, Long time so see and I am very sorry for that thing have been VERY busy for me last few months and I have lots to share with you .

First off, I have been enrolled on The Princes Trust Programme,  its basically something to help me gain skins for employment and gain confidence etc. I'm in Week 4 of 12 at the moment and its been fun, The Next two weeks we are doing our Community Project were we will be doing up a local park. What I'm really looking forward to is the Two Work Placement in weeks 7/8 I am tentatively being placed at a Graphic Design agency called Meep Meep and I am extremely Excited!!


First things First... NEW GAGA!!! Its been 5 months since I last updated you on this project, I have 4 new pieces to display still not finished with all 18..

From left to Right, Top to Bottom they are named, Got Fish?, Monster Army, Take of some Clothes & Still not Tall enough, Give them a little click to see them in their high  resolution glory, next on the Agenda is my progressing Bane Cosplay, not much of a design aspect but it has allowed me to flex my creative muscle a lot..Below is a photo of my Bane Mask.. 

When Gotham is in Ashes, You have my Permission to Die...

And FINALLY...Last but not least, here is my latest project that I just finished, Zombie Skinhead...I drew him on the table at a Prince's Trust Team meeting, Everyone really thought it was awesome, it was just a sketch for me but I decided to take it all the way and digitally Ink & Colour it. I present it here in two formats, Modern & Classic Horror....their basically the same image but one is in Black & White :-P 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Going Gaga for GaGa!!

Even with the house move I have been on a roll with these images, the episode aired on the 20th and it was AMAZING!! I have another 4 outfits of the 18 done so far....After seeing the episode I feel rather cheated of outfits because she only wears about 15 different ones, and 3 variations of the same one the only thing changing being the shoes..but here are the 4 newest ones...I will admit to saying Lady Jawa is my favourite of all the outfits and images so far..

Eau de GaGa


Lady Jawa

So Happy I could Die

Monday, 14 May 2012

Might Meaty Mother Monster

PAWS UP BABY!! GaGa 4 is completed!

Mighty Meaty Mother Monster!! 

This will probably be my last one for a while as I really want to wait for the episode to air and I have been very busy packing for moving house

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Simpsons goes GAGA!!

So.. May 20th The Simpsons season Finale will air featuring the ONE the ONLY..LADY GAGA!!

She will apparently wear 18 different outfits which is beyond amazing :-D I have decided to take it upon my self to draw her in all 18 different outfits. Ive only been going about 4 days, and I already have 3 completed.

GaGa Wants you 

Haus of GaGa 

4 & 20 GaGa Birds 

Enjoy ^^ 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Supreme Dalek Princess

Good News Everyone!! Heres a site update.

Posting this alot earlier than usual thanks to an abismal nights sleep and a toothache that just wont quit! So a few dasy ago one of my friends Bexi asked me to do her a few pieces of simpsons art. She wanted a caricature of herself and her Original Charecter Supreme Dalek Princess, which is an expantion of her charecter The Dalek Princess. (a female human kindnapped and raised by the daleks to become the ultimate weapon against the doctor because of his love of humanity)

Below is what i came up with in less that 24 hours which i was quite impressed with. Everything in this piece is my original work apart from the Daleks in the background that have been taken from Springfield Punx who you can find here:  i really suggest you check him out he is really talented :D

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Long story short..their arnt any lol...well not unless you have years and years of studio experiance. How am i supposed to get a break into the media industry if no one will give me a chance. Anyway ive decided to retune my CV/Portfolio as i dont think its very impressive it was done really quickly and its not very good at all..

on another note i was having a file clean out and i came across a bunch of artwork that has gone left unfinished. so over the next few days im making a point of finishing it. Here is the first piece a drawing of Roger from American Dad in leather gear, from an episode were he was meant to be going hiking with Stan...its quite an old piece so doesnt really do my skills justice but i wanted to post something new so this place doesnt seem dead to all you imaginary readers lol

Its mostly fan art that is yet to be finished but i still feel its plausible to display it here as it is after a fashion digital artwork and showcases my illustratative skills. I will have some original work coming soon i would imagine i have a pretty cool idea for a duck super hero (Thunder Duck) thats kinda linked to my own Roller Derby Team (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Elm Street House Complete

Well the house is offically 100% completed, And im pleased to say i already have some interest for people wanting them. I currently have 10 slots open for these houses, and the average turn around on an order is about 3 weeks. Their £110 including shipping all come with batterys and lights I can also do a dereclit version for £80 with our with out a light your choice (although i dont have a prototype for that yet)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

progress on the Elm Street House

Most of my materials arrived  on monday, so i was really able to sink my teeth into this project. im still waiting on delivry of my mini hack sac before i can continue glueing the lolly sticks to the sides of the hosue, then everything needs a good coat of paint.

here is a pic of the 4 sides of the house, the roof hasnt been cut yet but its all maked out ready.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Elm Street Houses, Job Hunting & Freelancing.

I just though i would take this time to let all of my watchers or just visiters in general that i am now officially open on commisons for Elm Street House Replica models as soon in Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3.

I have been contemplaiting pursuing this project for the last year after having quite a few people on Youtube Message me about the house i made for myself nearly 3 years ago.

I currently have 4 options in mind for houses these beings
-Derelict Half Finished version as seen in the opening of the film
-Derelict Complete Version (not seen anywere)
-Neat Complete version (as seen as the end of the movie, this also comes with the extra option to have it light up)
-Neat Complete version with Bars on the windows as seen in the Dokken Video Dream Warriors

the houses range from about £90 - £150 depening on which you have, the most expensive obviously being the light up on.

Im excited to say that i have had my first commission for a complete elm street house that lights up and i recently recived the deposit to get started so hopefully this could be a good buisness venture for me :D

Next on the Agenda is my abismal Job hunt that is getting closer and closer to ending in tragedy as i am going to end up stuck in A4E, A4E is a shitty scheme set up by the job centre, were you get patronised about your job search and baby you with CV skills etc.

Im always open for freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator i also would like to offer my services as a digital inker/Colourer. message me for rates or we can work something out on what you want to pay (with in reason lol)

I will update my progress on my first elm street house commission in a few days once my materials have arrived

Oh and on a last note as i leave you all.. To acompany my Indigo Leauge Gym Badges i recently make some Johto Leauge Gym Badges too :-D If anyone is interested i am contemplating setting up a little online shop for these badges as i will eventually get on and make a complete set from all the regions in the show (bar the orange islands)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pokemon Gym Badges

Just recently i have been re-watching Pokemon and its still AWESOME!! (well the original series is) i had just finished the first season (indigo leauge) and i decided i wanted some Gym Badges of my very own ^^

so having an abundance of Fimo lying around the flat from my partners collection i decided to have a go at making some and below is the final result. My hands hurt so much from kneading it because its been over a year since we used it so it was very hard.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Roger The Alien

So a few days ago whilst browing Deviant art i came across a brilliant image some one had done of Roger the alien from American Dad dressed up as them, it inspired me to do something similar being a huge fan of American Dad.

If your dont know, American Dad is an animated sitcom by Seth Mcfarlane about a man named stan smith who works for the CIA and his family. Part of their family is an alien called Roger who has fun creating charecters and dressing up as these charecters to disguise his identity as an alien and to be allowed out of the house.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Sorry its been a while since i posted i have been desperatly seeking work and having the most rotten luck! Hopy you all had a good new year here are a few rat drawings that i wipped up whilst trying to keep myself in practive lol.