Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Brighton Pride Bear Part

Long Time no Post eh Guys, well sorry about that Ive been job hunting frantically to get an income, which hasn't left much room for design!! Any how, Good News everyone! I got my results from my final year at the University of Lincoln, and i passed with a 2nd Class Degree!! I can know officially say i am Andrew Charles Sutherland Forbes Davies-Land (BA) (Yes that really is my real name)

ANY WAY!! A few months ago i mentioned that i had done some freelance "charity" work for Brighton Pride. The artwork has been finalised and sent off to the client who gave me permission to share it all. 

Its not my best work, but i was given specific requirements to follow and i did, either way I'm pretty happy with it, and i managed to get 2 Free tickets to Pride as a thank you, which i had to ultimately decline due to financial circumstances being a bit shit.