Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Long story short..their arnt any lol...well not unless you have years and years of studio experiance. How am i supposed to get a break into the media industry if no one will give me a chance. Anyway ive decided to retune my CV/Portfolio as i dont think its very impressive it was done really quickly and its not very good at all..

on another note i was having a file clean out and i came across a bunch of artwork that has gone left unfinished. so over the next few days im making a point of finishing it. Here is the first piece a drawing of Roger from American Dad in leather gear, from an episode were he was meant to be going hiking with Stan...its quite an old piece so doesnt really do my skills justice but i wanted to post something new so this place doesnt seem dead to all you imaginary readers lol

Its mostly fan art that is yet to be finished but i still feel its plausible to display it here as it is after a fashion digital artwork and showcases my illustratative skills. I will have some original work coming soon i would imagine i have a pretty cool idea for a duck super hero (Thunder Duck) thats kinda linked to my own Roller Derby Team (Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder)

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