Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy Hallow, he he he heeeen..

Good Evening.. afternoon or Morning..when ever you are reading.

Again, Long time so see and I am very sorry for that thing have been VERY busy for me last few months and I have lots to share with you .

First off, I have been enrolled on The Princes Trust Programme,  its basically something to help me gain skins for employment and gain confidence etc. I'm in Week 4 of 12 at the moment and its been fun, The Next two weeks we are doing our Community Project were we will be doing up a local park. What I'm really looking forward to is the Two Work Placement in weeks 7/8 I am tentatively being placed at a Graphic Design agency called Meep Meep and I am extremely Excited!!


First things First... NEW GAGA!!! Its been 5 months since I last updated you on this project, I have 4 new pieces to display still not finished with all 18..

From left to Right, Top to Bottom they are named, Got Fish?, Monster Army, Take of some Clothes & Still not Tall enough, Give them a little click to see them in their high  resolution glory, next on the Agenda is my progressing Bane Cosplay, not much of a design aspect but it has allowed me to flex my creative muscle a lot..Below is a photo of my Bane Mask.. 

When Gotham is in Ashes, You have my Permission to Die...

And FINALLY...Last but not least, here is my latest project that I just finished, Zombie Skinhead...I drew him on the table at a Prince's Trust Team meeting, Everyone really thought it was awesome, it was just a sketch for me but I decided to take it all the way and digitally Ink & Colour it. I present it here in two formats, Modern & Classic Horror....their basically the same image but one is in Black & White :-P 

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