Friday, 14 October 2011

CH Cross

 So Just recently i have gotten really heavily into cross stitch, i havent actually started doing any yet as i havent had the money for supplies. 

whilst  roaming the internet for patterns i came across this amazing forum CH Cross, its primarilay based in japan but it has a massive community of cross stitchers all willing to share patterns 

is is "A very beautiful and pretty cross stitch forum with huge repaint patterns download" so check them out at the link Below

Sunday, 18 September 2011

8 Gazza Byte

So this week, I'm bringing you the second of 13 images of my team mates on Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder. Here is Gazza Byte he is a mate of mine from college his GF Custard Scream is who got me into Roller Derby :-)
#8 Gazza Byte
 If your interested in Roller Derby and live in Lincoln check out the teams facebook page, and see if you can come along: 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Simpsons Roller Derby

So a few months ago (July21st to be precise) I started working on Simpson caricatures for my team mates of Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder. Lincoln's first & Only all Men's Roller Derby Team. I have nearly completed the whole team the current people who come to training at least, I've only got 2 people left now who are our refs. 

So I decided to post one a week to show off the little details and story's behind each team mate and piece of art not to sound or seem conceded but because it was the first im going to display my caricature first lol 

#69 - Daffadildo

OK! so if you don't know roller derby, each team member has a nickname and a number that they choose, both usually something personal to them or just something funny. One of my friends from the Lincolnshire Bombers suggested my name which was only a joke at first but stuck and my number is just a personal joke being an innuendo my primary form of joke with my friends. If your interested in Roller Derby and live in Lincoln check out the teams facebook page, and see if you can come along: 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Brighton Pride Bear Part

Long Time no Post eh Guys, well sorry about that Ive been job hunting frantically to get an income, which hasn't left much room for design!! Any how, Good News everyone! I got my results from my final year at the University of Lincoln, and i passed with a 2nd Class Degree!! I can know officially say i am Andrew Charles Sutherland Forbes Davies-Land (BA) (Yes that really is my real name)

ANY WAY!! A few months ago i mentioned that i had done some freelance "charity" work for Brighton Pride. The artwork has been finalised and sent off to the client who gave me permission to share it all. 

Its not my best work, but i was given specific requirements to follow and i did, either way I'm pretty happy with it, and i managed to get 2 Free tickets to Pride as a thank you, which i had to ultimately decline due to financial circumstances being a bit shit. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Raggedy Doctor

As some of you may know i follow fellow Blogger Springfield Punx, and really admire his Doctor Who work. being a big fan of the simpsons. Recently He posted his version of the newly Regenerated 10th & 11th Doctors.

 They were pretty awesome, although anyone who follows him will know he just swtiched the heads of the doctors onto each others bodys with the minimal amount of work.  Now this works perfectly well for the 10th doctor but not for the 11th as you may or may not know. when 10 regenerated his gorgeous suit was destroyed!!

So i decided to quickly put together The Raggedy Doctor using Deans amazing work as a base, i combined top top half of his 9th Doctor & the Bottom part of his 10 with the Head of 11 to create the Raggedy Doctor, in one of the most hilarious parts of Matt Smiths Debut Episode "WHO THE MAN?!"

The Raggedy Doctor

As always click for a larger version & ofcourse Check out Deans AMAZING work over at Springfield Punx located here:

Friday, 27 May 2011


So I gotta call from Stereoepic asking if I could do some last minute work for them. Basically just a clean up & rendering of a few sketches for a T-shirt design. see pic below cant wait to get one of these for myself hehe.
Photo Courtesy of Graeme Chapelow

Monday, 23 May 2011

Jobs, GaGa & CVs

Hello all, just decided to post today about the abismal luck i am having at applying for jobs, obviously im looking for mundane shop work etc on top of my industry searches as i need something to tide me over untill i can strike it big as a graphic designer lol,

But i am constantly under a seige of ignorance from these assholes who claim to be employing, it would be nice to get a phone call or a letter, not just be left in the dark completly to come to the inevitable conclusion i am in fact unemployable and im doomed to a poor exsistance the rest of my miserable life!! whilst chav scum make fuck all of them selves and live like kings of JSA!

I recently got Lady GaGas new album Born This Way, and it is amazing! its so personal and really speaks to me on a few levels from lousy experianes in my life, its easily my fav album of hers, nearly every song has a different theme and sound to it its not generic and dancy like some of her other work. Their are a few songs i could do with out (such as Hair) but its a solid album. The artwork is horendus though i could have designed alot better for my Mother Monster hehe.

CVs are my main gripe at the minute its so hard to find genuine GOOD help for these things. and im pretty sure thisis why im failing at jobs because my CV is pretty lousy, Im working on a graphic design CV at the moment that i will eventually post up on here to show off but any help would be aprechiated in sorting it out

Monday, 2 May 2011

Design Work Completed

Well today is a sad & triumphant day. Its the day i finished my Uni course work. The deadline is the 6th may so i have plenty of time to go over bits and pieces here i present for you the four covers i did for my final year design work. 2 are a commissioned style that show i can work as closely or as broadly as possible to a brief & the other two are in a Gothic horrorish style that ties in with my first semester final year work.

Monday, 28 March 2011

A Scientist

Well my dissertation is complete!! All 10,030 words of it!! I took a real nose dive into my uni work last few days mainly RnD & Design but today i decided i would take a break from uni work and do a personal project. Just recently i went to see The Rocky Horror Pictue Show in Barnsley. (yes i went in costume as Frank TYVM*), and ive been a teensy bit obsessed LOL! 

Anyway, i have a friend on deviant art who does amazing simpsons caricatures and i commisoned her to do one for me as a graduation gift for my & my uni friends. I decided i would have a stab at doing a pic in this style also as i really enjoy it, and i though who better to simpsonize than Tim Curry as the infamous Dr Frank n Furter! 
This image took about 5 hours in photoshop all free hand,

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gothic Style

Well my dissertation is keeping me super busy, but i only have 3,000 words left so i feeling a lot mor e optimistic about it, hence i have some new design work to show off, This piece is for my final year design and comes from my Gothic style CD covers (to go with a commissioned style & a grunge style) 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oldies But Goldies

Hey Guyz, Sorry its been a while since i posted but i have been HELLA busy with uni work. Today's post is showing off some more graphic design work i did for a friend in Dundee DJ Mole aka Iain Craig. He had a hardcore event called raver baby's that wet on for about 2-3 months and i did the flyers for it. I never got to see the final printed work But i was happy to do it. The save the rave flyer includes a drawing i did specifically for this flyer.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cuddle Cakes Jewellery

Well i finished the design tonight and sent it off to the client who loved it, it went through a few last minute changes to make it just right. but Amy was extremely happy with it. I am feeling really fufilled with this design as if is the first design/artwork/logo i have done that i have gotten paid for :) the final image is below

I really reccomend Cuddle Cakes Jewellery for some really great peices one of the perk of this job was that i got an awesome skull pocket watch necklace as a thank you for doing this logo :)  

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Well Happy New Year everyone.

Its been a pretty good start to the new year, with another facebook friend becoming a design client. CuddleCakes Jewellery has asked for a logo, that i am currently working on for her and its coming together nicely.

Check her out she has some really lovely jewellery and at great prices too, Stand out from the crowd and get something Unique