Monday, 6 June 2011

The Raggedy Doctor

As some of you may know i follow fellow Blogger Springfield Punx, and really admire his Doctor Who work. being a big fan of the simpsons. Recently He posted his version of the newly Regenerated 10th & 11th Doctors.

 They were pretty awesome, although anyone who follows him will know he just swtiched the heads of the doctors onto each others bodys with the minimal amount of work.  Now this works perfectly well for the 10th doctor but not for the 11th as you may or may not know. when 10 regenerated his gorgeous suit was destroyed!!

So i decided to quickly put together The Raggedy Doctor using Deans amazing work as a base, i combined top top half of his 9th Doctor & the Bottom part of his 10 with the Head of 11 to create the Raggedy Doctor, in one of the most hilarious parts of Matt Smiths Debut Episode "WHO THE MAN?!"

The Raggedy Doctor

As always click for a larger version & ofcourse Check out Deans AMAZING work over at Springfield Punx located here: