Monday, 29 October 2012

Big Announcement

Hey Guys,

As you might know I am on the prince's Trust programme at the minute, and part of it is a 2 week work placement, and The team leaders Tracey & Lorraine have worked really hard to secure mine.

I am happy to announce that I will be on a two week work placement at Meep Meep.
Meep are a Graphic Design & Advertising agency is Gainsborough that specialize in Marketing Graphic design. I'm super excited to see were this leads, and have an interview tomorrow with them, least Tracey says its referred to as an interview when its just a risk assessment and a meet and greet.

I am also working on something crafty, I have been learning to crochet, and have only got the hang of Granny Squares so I am making a Pixel art blanket for my other half. Its going to be Yoshi from Super Mario Bros ^^

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy Hallow, he he he heeeen..

Good Evening.. afternoon or Morning..when ever you are reading.

Again, Long time so see and I am very sorry for that thing have been VERY busy for me last few months and I have lots to share with you .

First off, I have been enrolled on The Princes Trust Programme,  its basically something to help me gain skins for employment and gain confidence etc. I'm in Week 4 of 12 at the moment and its been fun, The Next two weeks we are doing our Community Project were we will be doing up a local park. What I'm really looking forward to is the Two Work Placement in weeks 7/8 I am tentatively being placed at a Graphic Design agency called Meep Meep and I am extremely Excited!!


First things First... NEW GAGA!!! Its been 5 months since I last updated you on this project, I have 4 new pieces to display still not finished with all 18..

From left to Right, Top to Bottom they are named, Got Fish?, Monster Army, Take of some Clothes & Still not Tall enough, Give them a little click to see them in their high  resolution glory, next on the Agenda is my progressing Bane Cosplay, not much of a design aspect but it has allowed me to flex my creative muscle a lot..Below is a photo of my Bane Mask.. 

When Gotham is in Ashes, You have my Permission to Die...

And FINALLY...Last but not least, here is my latest project that I just finished, Zombie Skinhead...I drew him on the table at a Prince's Trust Team meeting, Everyone really thought it was awesome, it was just a sketch for me but I decided to take it all the way and digitally Ink & Colour it. I present it here in two formats, Modern & Classic Horror....their basically the same image but one is in Black & White :-P