Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Going Gaga for GaGa!!

Even with the house move I have been on a roll with these images, the episode aired on the 20th and it was AMAZING!! I have another 4 outfits of the 18 done so far....After seeing the episode I feel rather cheated of outfits because she only wears about 15 different ones, and 3 variations of the same one the only thing changing being the shoes..but here are the 4 newest ones...I will admit to saying Lady Jawa is my favourite of all the outfits and images so far..

Eau de GaGa


Lady Jawa

So Happy I could Die

Monday, 14 May 2012

Might Meaty Mother Monster

PAWS UP BABY!! GaGa 4 is completed!

Mighty Meaty Mother Monster!! 

This will probably be my last one for a while as I really want to wait for the episode to air and I have been very busy packing for moving house

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Simpsons goes GAGA!!

So.. May 20th The Simpsons season Finale will air featuring the ONE the ONLY..LADY GAGA!!

She will apparently wear 18 different outfits which is beyond amazing :-D I have decided to take it upon my self to draw her in all 18 different outfits. Ive only been going about 4 days, and I already have 3 completed.

GaGa Wants you 

Haus of GaGa 

4 & 20 GaGa Birds 

Enjoy ^^