Friday, 23 March 2012

Supreme Dalek Princess

Good News Everyone!! Heres a site update.

Posting this alot earlier than usual thanks to an abismal nights sleep and a toothache that just wont quit! So a few dasy ago one of my friends Bexi asked me to do her a few pieces of simpsons art. She wanted a caricature of herself and her Original Charecter Supreme Dalek Princess, which is an expantion of her charecter The Dalek Princess. (a female human kindnapped and raised by the daleks to become the ultimate weapon against the doctor because of his love of humanity)

Below is what i came up with in less that 24 hours which i was quite impressed with. Everything in this piece is my original work apart from the Daleks in the background that have been taken from Springfield Punx who you can find here:  i really suggest you check him out he is really talented :D

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