Friday, 27 January 2012

Elm Street Houses, Job Hunting & Freelancing.

I just though i would take this time to let all of my watchers or just visiters in general that i am now officially open on commisons for Elm Street House Replica models as soon in Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3.

I have been contemplaiting pursuing this project for the last year after having quite a few people on Youtube Message me about the house i made for myself nearly 3 years ago.

I currently have 4 options in mind for houses these beings
-Derelict Half Finished version as seen in the opening of the film
-Derelict Complete Version (not seen anywere)
-Neat Complete version (as seen as the end of the movie, this also comes with the extra option to have it light up)
-Neat Complete version with Bars on the windows as seen in the Dokken Video Dream Warriors

the houses range from about £90 - £150 depening on which you have, the most expensive obviously being the light up on.

Im excited to say that i have had my first commission for a complete elm street house that lights up and i recently recived the deposit to get started so hopefully this could be a good buisness venture for me :D

Next on the Agenda is my abismal Job hunt that is getting closer and closer to ending in tragedy as i am going to end up stuck in A4E, A4E is a shitty scheme set up by the job centre, were you get patronised about your job search and baby you with CV skills etc.

Im always open for freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator i also would like to offer my services as a digital inker/Colourer. message me for rates or we can work something out on what you want to pay (with in reason lol)

I will update my progress on my first elm street house commission in a few days once my materials have arrived

Oh and on a last note as i leave you all.. To acompany my Indigo Leauge Gym Badges i recently make some Johto Leauge Gym Badges too :-D If anyone is interested i am contemplating setting up a little online shop for these badges as i will eventually get on and make a complete set from all the regions in the show (bar the orange islands)

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