Monday, 28 March 2011

A Scientist

Well my dissertation is complete!! All 10,030 words of it!! I took a real nose dive into my uni work last few days mainly RnD & Design but today i decided i would take a break from uni work and do a personal project. Just recently i went to see The Rocky Horror Pictue Show in Barnsley. (yes i went in costume as Frank TYVM*), and ive been a teensy bit obsessed LOL! 

Anyway, i have a friend on deviant art who does amazing simpsons caricatures and i commisoned her to do one for me as a graduation gift for my & my uni friends. I decided i would have a stab at doing a pic in this style also as i really enjoy it, and i though who better to simpsonize than Tim Curry as the infamous Dr Frank n Furter! 
This image took about 5 hours in photoshop all free hand,

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gothic Style

Well my dissertation is keeping me super busy, but i only have 3,000 words left so i feeling a lot mor e optimistic about it, hence i have some new design work to show off, This piece is for my final year design and comes from my Gothic style CD covers (to go with a commissioned style & a grunge style) 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oldies But Goldies

Hey Guyz, Sorry its been a while since i posted but i have been HELLA busy with uni work. Today's post is showing off some more graphic design work i did for a friend in Dundee DJ Mole aka Iain Craig. He had a hardcore event called raver baby's that wet on for about 2-3 months and i did the flyers for it. I never got to see the final printed work But i was happy to do it. The save the rave flyer includes a drawing i did specifically for this flyer.