Monday, 11 November 2013


Over the past 2 years I have been collecting a Part Work magazine from Hachette called The Art of Quilting, It consisted of 90 issues (now 150 issues) to make a patchwork quilt. The First 90 Issues created one and the additional 60 issues will make a second.

I finished the quilt top about a fortnight ago and I have just started to quilt it, Its going to take a long time on my little sewing machine haha But I'm glad its finished.  Below is a photo of me trimming it and of it in the machine closing the edges of the 3 layers (quilt top, wadding & quilt back)

This quilt has been a good journey and mega fun, Through out the process of it, I have planned several other quilts that I wanted to do (mainly pixel art quilts) and I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete the two I want to do the Most. Nyan Cat & Yoshi! I found a brilliant site that had a series of tutorial posts to create a Nyan Cat quilt. Its spread of 12 weeks. Below is the Week One tutorial. I will be posting each fortnight when I create the next patch I dont think I will be doing the 2nd part untill 2014 though but that being said I do have a fair bit of white/blue fabric so I could make the space parts over the new few weeks

If you are interested in the Nyan Cat Quilt Along  you can find it here:

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