Monday, 23 May 2011

Jobs, GaGa & CVs

Hello all, just decided to post today about the abismal luck i am having at applying for jobs, obviously im looking for mundane shop work etc on top of my industry searches as i need something to tide me over untill i can strike it big as a graphic designer lol,

But i am constantly under a seige of ignorance from these assholes who claim to be employing, it would be nice to get a phone call or a letter, not just be left in the dark completly to come to the inevitable conclusion i am in fact unemployable and im doomed to a poor exsistance the rest of my miserable life!! whilst chav scum make fuck all of them selves and live like kings of JSA!

I recently got Lady GaGas new album Born This Way, and it is amazing! its so personal and really speaks to me on a few levels from lousy experianes in my life, its easily my fav album of hers, nearly every song has a different theme and sound to it its not generic and dancy like some of her other work. Their are a few songs i could do with out (such as Hair) but its a solid album. The artwork is horendus though i could have designed alot better for my Mother Monster hehe.

CVs are my main gripe at the minute its so hard to find genuine GOOD help for these things. and im pretty sure thisis why im failing at jobs because my CV is pretty lousy, Im working on a graphic design CV at the moment that i will eventually post up on here to show off but any help would be aprechiated in sorting it out

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