Sunday, 11 September 2011

Simpsons Roller Derby

So a few months ago (July21st to be precise) I started working on Simpson caricatures for my team mates of Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder. Lincoln's first & Only all Men's Roller Derby Team. I have nearly completed the whole team the current people who come to training at least, I've only got 2 people left now who are our refs. 

So I decided to post one a week to show off the little details and story's behind each team mate and piece of art not to sound or seem conceded but because it was the first im going to display my caricature first lol 

#69 - Daffadildo

OK! so if you don't know roller derby, each team member has a nickname and a number that they choose, both usually something personal to them or just something funny. One of my friends from the Lincolnshire Bombers suggested my name which was only a joke at first but stuck and my number is just a personal joke being an innuendo my primary form of joke with my friends. If your interested in Roller Derby and live in Lincoln check out the teams facebook page, and see if you can come along: 

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