Friday, 10 December 2010

Rah, Rah, Ah Ah Ah,Ah...

Well its been a while since i posted sorry about that ive been busy finishing Uni work, but ive broke up for christmas now, We (dawn and i) got a 2.2 for our presentaion and Scooby Doo Research & Develepment, But that was only down to nerves in the presentation. Our mark may have the potentional to boost from the paper work we did.

Anyway onto Design!! I have done alot of bits and peices over the last few months, but i want to share this with you guys the most. It is ofcourse Lady GaGa as a simpsons charecter. I am so impressed with this peice it took me days hehe Hope you enjoy.

Sorry its low quality, but so is the original 

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