Saturday, 30 October 2010

Superficial Hearts

Hello non-exsistent followers, lol. How are you all out their in cyber space hehe..

Anyway as i continue to work on my design bits and peices for University i am further finding more and more different peice of design work i have done through out my last 3 years at uni, here is a peice of semi-professional work that im pretty proud of. 

My home town Gainsborough as many home towns will, has a local band, This particular band features two of my good friends Martin & Graeme who approched me to design their EP Cover. They wanted to keep the union jack theme their band has and make it look like it had been painted really quickly & scruffily onto a wooden background. Below is the Final Product. Personally i feel the Typography needs some work (its not my strong point) But im pretty happy with the way it came out

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