Friday, 17 January 2014

Nyan Cat Quilt Top

In November 2013 I found a Nyan Cat quilt a long on a site by an amazing textile artist Choly Knight. I decided having just finished my first quilt I would take it upon myself to undertake a second (technically 3rd as The Art of Quilting Magazine I collect started a Homestead Quilt in issue 91) 

I made the first block on November 11th 2013 because I had some Dark Blue Fabric and left over white from my patchwork quilt and decreed the Nyan Cat Quilt would be my project for 2014. 

The Next day whilst doing blocks for my patchwork Homestead quilt I realized I still had a sizeable amount of Blue left so I though what the Hell I will attempt the Second section of the quilt and I did..

I did the Third and Final part (for 2013) of the Nyan cat quilt a few days later and it was left untill Monday the 13th of January. When I decided to kick start the project again! I had planned to do one section a month and leave it at that......this was not the case! between Monday and Friday I got the fabric I needed and whizzed through the quilt top in No time. making all 8 small sections to sew into 3 big sections that were then sewn together to create the entire body of the quilt top

So here is the quilt top for my Nyan Cat quilt. 

Choly's method and pattern for this top made the process extremely easy and simple rather than cutting out a shed load of 2" squares pixel by pixel (which is what I originally intended to do) this method bunched pixels together in varying squares and rectangles to make the whole thing a lot easier 

My nephew who loves Nyan Cat also as seen it and wants one. I may consider making another one for him not sure yet though LOL..

If you are interested in creating your own Nyan Cat quilt I seriously reccomend you check out Choly's quilt a long pattern here: 

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